Ankylosing spondylitis

It is an inflammatory disease of joints and it comes under the common heading of osteoarthritis but it mainly involves joints of spine.Joints are deformed and nothing much can be done about it. The disease modyfying drugs are quite toxic and don’t provide lasting relief. He started having stiff body in 1980 but his problem had increased in 1997 and it was worst in 2003. He listened to the recorded message of healing of the president of the mission, S Hardial Singh in 2003.He took inspiration of praying from him and he started praying.He felt better.

His X- ray cervical spine, done in India, clearly showed the calcification of spinal ligaments and joint space were markedly reduced. It was difficult for him to even sit in the car.He could not move his head in any direction, the movements of neck were extremely painful.The disease had spread to his back and small joints of his hands.He had allopathic treatment from Canada and India, and he even visited the top notches of Homeoeopaths, Chinese acupressure, accupunctre and Chiropractor experts.There was no relief at all.Then he focussed his entire attention to healing through Gurbani. The benefit was immediate and his life became a bit comfortable. He too joined the healing sessions at his place in Jan 2005. He felt enegised then and he did not have pain and the medicines were not needed. His relief was maintained .

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