Calcified granuloma right posterior parietal region causing headache

Calcified granuloma right posterior parietal region causing severe and constant headache, vomiting, multiple images in visual field, insomnia not responding to any treatment got well in less than four days of healing camp at Ludhiana.

This lady was very desperate and would feel like striking her head against the wall due to intense agony caused by severe headache from over 8 months. There was small nodule in the scalp on right side. She developed constant vomiting, complete loss of appetite and no sleep in spite of the sleeping pills. She had grown very weak. And the most embarrassing was the four images of one object in the visual field. She could not locate any object.
She was getting treatment from a reputed Arora Neuro Centre of Ludhiana without any relief. She was at a loss what to do. Her real sister Ms Bimla Kumari, a regular member of Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission had advised her to attend the healing camp at Ludhiana from Feb 23 to 28, 2010. It was amazing very fast complete recovery from all the symptoms. She ate normal food, could sleep without any medicine and vision was restored to normal acuity. Why cannot all the people of the world listen to her and follow her advice to get permanent and lasting relief of their problems?

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