Coeliac Disease – Relieved in One hour only

Suchain Sahnan. This 12 year old lucky child was blessed with complete relief in just one hour. This is simply unbelievable online task management. It is a fact that he started taking wheat products after one hour session of prayers at 385-L Model Town, Ludhiana. And he is enjoying everything containing gluten since then .It is now over two months ,that he had been taking wheat products regularly.

He was under the care of gastroenterologist of Ludhiana, ‘not only had his total villus atrophy of duodenum became normal but also his [anti tissue transglutamine] anti tTg level came down from 70.60 U/ml to perfectly normal level of 2.51 U/ml. This is the proof of power of prayers, through Gurbani. See the reports for your satisfaction.

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The healing camps are organised by “Sarb Rog Ka Aukhad Naam Mission Trust, Ludhiana” all over India, US, Canada, and various other locations across the world.

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