Damaged Kidney became normal

Late Maj Gurbax Singh. The IVP reports of Maj Gurbax Singh in 1983 and 1990 can be compared which does not leave any doubt. This was the second miracle to confound doctors attending on him. His left kidney was shrunk and had become non functional as there were stones in it. He was advised kidney removal as he was not responding to any treatment for his hypertension. He could not be operated as he suffered a heart attack. He used to look after the shoes of patients at the RNC (Rog Niwaran Camp). He developed sudden pain during micturition during the camp.

After the camp concluded he went to MH Jalandhar for IVP test for his kidneys. Doctors were dumb founded to see fully functional and normal size of both the kidneys. His IVP report of 1990 says kidney size is normal and both kidneys shows equal and simultaneous excretion of the dye.What is the cost of new kidney? Any thing is possible with his Grace. He left for his heavenly abode on 23.10.1998

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