Diabetes Mellitus (f)

Late Mrs Harbhajan Kaur a lady of nearly 68 years of age had suffered from this disease for the last 10 years. She has kept the glucometer with her for the strict control of diabetes.She has retired from health services of Panjab . She required injections of Insulin of mixtard type morning and evening. She had fairly good control of her glycemia. After having attended the afternoon sessions of one hour prayers at 385-L Model Town, Ludhiana, for three months only she felt the improvement. One fine day her blood sugar had dropped down to dangerous level of 53 mgm /dl. She was advised to take oral antidiabetic medicine which she was not taking earlier. Her blood glucose level remained normal and then she stopped taking the oral drugs also. She does not require any medicine for her problem and she is taking all the sweet things now which she has left earlier. I don’t know how many cases are there on record . If any one can get such a relief with one hour of daily prayers what is the harm in doing it. This relief to her is permanent now, she had no relapse after that.

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