Dry Eye Syndrome healed in just 16 hrs

Mrs Darshan Kaur Minhas. Dry Eye Syndrome is a serious agonising disease of eyes,inspite of the rapid strides of development no permanent solution is found so far.People had to leave jobs as there is irritation watering,difficult to see in light and even protective glasses don’t help. This lady is a Canadian citizen and she started having this problem about 20 years earlier when she sustained an injury in white part of her right eye.She had all the treatment availble and she was worried about losing her eye sight permanently as there was no relief.

The undersigned had visited Canada in Jan 2005 and had organised prayer sessions of one hour per day for four days a week and no medicine was prescribed .She started feeling better on the first day itself but was not sure if the relief was permanent but her improvement continued.After 16 hours of praying her relief was quite obvious and looked like permanent. She continues to be better even now.Her disease could be verified from her.

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