HCV Related Hepatic Cirrhosis

HCV Related Hepatic Cirrhosis

Hepatitis C virus infection is transmitted through blood transfusion or infusion fluids, syringes of drug abusers or through extra marital sex. This disease is incurable , but a very small percentage of people may get relief through antiviral drugs. And majority of the patients who had shown recovery earlier, would land up with terminal ailment of liver cirrhosis or liver failure. And ultimate option left with the doctors is the liver transplant.

This lady had sustained burns in 1994 and was admitted in the hospital. She started having fever and started losing weight in 2001 and after tests she was to be a patient of HCV, she was given antiviral treatment Inj, Interferon 3 millions units on every third day. She did not tolerate the side effects of the treatment and she was getting worse by the day. Then she started attending the healing camps in Ludhiana in 2004 by the time her disease had progressed to liver cirrhosis. She left the treatment in 2004 and had obtained a complete recovery. She looks like as any woman of her age, there is no sign of liver damage.

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