Head Injury (a)

Late Maj Gurbax Singh. A retired army officer had developed a peculiar disease of the eyes. He would see single object in three or four layers over each other. It had made his life very difficult to manage at the age of 70 years. While walking, he would see many cars or vehicles. There were confusing images in his brain and he would stop walking and would close his eyes or if some wall was nearby he would go near that and would take help from it like a blind man who finds some sort of direction from similar objects. Miracle happened at the end of one day Rag Niwaran Camp during ardas he fell down in front of Guru Granth Sahib like a log of wood. I was standing next to him; I immediately reached him to feel his pulse.

He immediately responded that he was fine and there was wearing specs & no injury. I was surprised how he could be saved from an injury as he was wearing specs and there was no injury. Specs could be broken, or he could sustain some fractures as anybody falling like him could break his wrists or shoulder joint or hip joint as the total body weight would fall on the part on the body which touches first. I was told by him later on the same day and time that his eye sight had been set right.

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