Head Injury (b)

An NRI S Waryam Singh Plaha was on his visit to India on November2.1998 when he had sustained head injury and remained unconscious for 20 hours and open wound on scalp needed 20 stitches. On discharge from hospital he developed aphonia, amnesia and confusion. He used to get severe pain on touching the skin of his head. He had his treatment in UK without much relief and he came back to India for for his treatment in August 1999, He consulted the psychiatrist and orthopedic surgeon here and had without any relief. He was very desperate. And before going back he came in contact with the mission. He was advised to attend one hour morning programmes for 5 days.

On the 5th day while sitting at Gurdwara in 12 Nov,1999 he felt as if some power had entered through his head and he started sweating for a few seconds. It was as if his disease had been washed away and he was completely relieved for ever. He touched his head, there was no pain and he was cured of the disease and was very happy. Those were days of pleasant weather of No v in India when it is not hot here and in spite of it he felt heat in his body and developed sweating.Updated on August 21, 2005.

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