Head Injury (c)

Mrs. Nirmla Bhardwaj. A young lady who fell down from the stairs in 1981 and had sustained head injury. She developed epileptic fits, severe headache and she took regular treatment for about 9 years and during that time she could manage her home with a lot of difficulty. She did not understand Gurbani and had taken birth in a different religion. She did not know that she would be rewarded without her asking.

She is the wife of one of the employees of the mission and she used to help her husband in doing odd jobs of spreading bed sheets for the patients in the Rog Niwaran Camp. She was rewarded with complete relief and now she is working as a principal and she does not require any medicine. Her husband and the child were also blessed with relief from their diseases. The details of diseases and cures in respect to her family are also mentioned in this article.

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