Infertility due to multiple fibroids Uterus

Infertility due to multiple fibroids Uterus for more than 4 years could not be helped with the treatment and operation. Prayers were answered immediately and blessed with a normal healthy baby girl within 9 months.

She was married on Oct. 24, 2004 and was diagnosed to be having multiple small fibroids in uterus and was operated on August 19, 2005. She had two miscarriages and another scan in 2006 showed more fibroids inside the walls of uterus. The doctors had told her that nothing could be done to help her and the only way out is the pregnancy.

The miracle of prayers cannot be challenged by anyone as the prayer session was done at her home on Dec21, 2008 and the blessed baby took birth on Sep 07, 2009. It comes out to be just 9 months of the prayers when the child was born. It is as if she was cured on the same day and was blessed with the child thereafter. The child was named Harsahib Kaur.

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