Kidney function substantially improved, a failed kidney was revived

Gurminder Singh (age 45 years) had to be admitted in Daya Nand Medical College Ludhiana on 20th of Feb, 2009. He had developed breathlessness, high BP and swelling over ankles from 7 days. His blood picture showed blood urea at 209 mgm/dl, Creatinine 15 mgm/dl and Hb at 5.4 g/dl. Three bottles of blood were given and dialysis was done and was told to get the renal transplant done.

He joined the healing camp on 4.3.09 for 5 days and on 9.3.09 he had his tests done again his blood picture showed unbelievable but true relief. He was feeling a lot better and that was proved to be true.

Before the healing camp 

After the healing camp

Hb g/dl



Blood Urea



Serum Creatinine



Dear Friends, how do you explain this improvement? I don’t find there is any possible explanation. How is it that his Hemoglobin had improved in the hospital from 5 gm to 7 gms after three infusions of blood? How many bottles were needed to make it to 10 gms. Yes you may doubt the lab reports, I must add here the same lab had shown the higher levels of these ingredients earlier. These reports had not been posted. But the patient had these reports. Can this patient would make continued improvement if he continues prayers? This question would need volunteers who may be willing to take up this cause.

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