Long standing severe Osteoarthritis Lumbo-Sacral Spine and Cervical Spine cured in 10 days

Mrs. Harpal Kaur (age 42 years),Long standing severe Osteoarthritis Lumbo-Sacral Spine and Cervical Spine cured in 10 days
The lady suffered from pain in the back for quite some time till Feb, 2009 when suddenly the pain got to the worst form and that lead to her inability to stand on feet on her own, she could not get up from the bed. Her control on urination was lost and there was incontinence. The continued use of pain killers and medicines did not give her any relief. The pain extended to the cervical spine also. MRI was done for Lumbo- Sacral Spine and Cervcial spine. There was disc dessication and osteophytes at L5 and S 1 and emerging nerve roots were compressed. And similar changes were seen at C 4 -5 and 6 and there was diffuse posterior and right foraminal protrusion of disc and caused compression of nerve roots.

The doctors had advised operation and complete bed rest. She was desperate and helpless and luckily the recorded prayers from Guru Granth Sahib with meanings in the form of CD became available to her. This CD was produced by Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission. It is fascinating and amazing that she got complete relief from the pain in less than 10 days and she does not require any medicine and she is doing all the house hold work without any problem. Her house is located on 3rd floor and there is no lift and she manages to climb nearly 70 steps of stairs many times a day without any problem. This is the super power of prayers.

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