Non Union of Fracture of femur [R]

Dr Mrs, Neelam Goyal  had sustained comminuted fracture of femur in a serious accident in Aug, 1990 and she was put on traction. After the expiry of traction period, there was no evidence of healing. Her husband is a senior IAS officer who was posted at Ludhiana at that time. So she had the facility of getting opinions of all the top surgeons of India. All the surgeons were divided regarding her further treatment. But majority of the doctors were in favor of not operating her, and they feared bad outcome of the surgical treatment. She was very desperate at that time, the members of the mission met her and prayed for her at her bed side and she also continued prayers for her and she did pray regularly. The fracture healed quickly. The results were stunning, there was no shortening of femur and it was perfect healing. She had sent the signed statement about her recovery.



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