Osteoarthritis healed

Bimla Kumari, a retired employee of health department of Panjab, aged about 69 yrs had very difficult time for the last 8-9 years. She suffered from radiculopathy of lumbo sacral spine and cervical spine. She was getting disabling pain in the lower limbs and back of chest and arms. She never had adequate sleep and unabated pain would make her changing sides difficult and even new side would turn out to be agonizing and no position was comfortable. She would keep crying at night and no medicine had given the minimum comfort. As the expert doctors told her beyond physiotherapy, pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs there is no cure for her anywhere in the world.

The transformation came so quickly it is difficult to expect from any medicine available so far. After having been relieved of her constant agony for more than 2 years, she says,” I have a minor problem now. I am so confident that anybody with any problem can get well quickly. And I have seen my sister in law get well for her incurable thyroid problem and even in Mumbai my relations are relieved from their diseases.” Her life is changed. She is preaching the method of cure to othes task management tool. She helps in organising the healing sessions in Model Town, Ludhiana.

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