Osteoarthritis left hip joint

Harbhajan Kaur Gharyal was operated in India for her gyne problem in 1996, after the operation, she developed some complications, infection of the wound, pain in her left hip joint and there was enlargement of lymph nodes in her groin. She had to be admitted in the hospital for 9 months before she could get well. Her problem with the hip joint persisted. NO treatment helped her and she was quite handicapped till 2002.Luckily for her, prayer meeting were held in March 2002 for one hour each day for about one month. She never expected relief as she did not pray for it and she was not even aware of it that she could be relieved. She was completely relieved. I [Dr Balwant Singh] had gone to Windsor again in Jan, 2005 then she organised prayer meetings at her residence from where Darbara Singh Virk and Darshan Kaur Minhas got better.

Her main problem was she was unable to bear weight on her left leg and it was very difficult for her to climb stares in her own house she used to nearly cry each time she had to go some where .The relief was a God’s gift.

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