Pan Uveitis Right Eye

S Darshan Singh is 50 year old and is working in senoir position in the bank. He started seeing a single black spot in his visual field of right eye in 1997 and occasionally he would find multiple white stars in the field and some time things would be clear. But his vision continued getting deteriorated with the passage of time and he continued getting medical aid all the time.Then in Feb 2005, he felt sudden loss of vision and he could not see beyond some inches with his right eye.He had his treatment from noted eye specialist of Ludhiana. He started attending healing camps at Ludhiana in April ,2005 and his vision has been restored to almost normal level and he is not taking much medicine. This is very serious disease of the eye and it is leading cause of blindness in USA. This method can certainly bring hope to so many suffering people. The relief is quite qcuick. One can always contact him, he would be too willing to share his happiness with any one.

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The healing camps are organised by “Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam Mission Trust, Ludhiana” all over India, US, Canada, and various other locations across the world.

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