Peripheral neuropathy caused Acute Lumago from two years

Diabetic from 10 year, peripheral neuropathy caused Acute Lumago from two years, Peripheral neuropathy cured.

Mrs. Surinder Kaur Chhabra had diabetes from the last 10 years when she came to the healing camp in March, 2006 at Janj Ghar, Model Town, Ludhiana. Though diabetes was under control but she had developed damage to the nerves which was causing severe periodic pain in her right lower limb. The pain used to become unbearable and used to make her rest in the bed And the pain was more severe at night. And it used to happen many times in a year and in between she would be almost normal. During the attack a few steps, while walking would cause a lot of pain. Though she had been getting her treatment from noted endocrinologists of Ludhiana without much benefit. And even orthopaedic surgeon could not help her much.
In March, 2006, the attack of pain was there in the camp and it got well in just one hour and in the camp she did not experience any pain and she continues to be almost relieved except for the minor pain, and that sort of excruciating pain had not happened again. She is very happy.

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