Pulmonary fibrosis [Interstitial], and chronic cardiac failure, 4 years

Diagnosis: Pulmonary fibrosis [Interstitial], and chronic cardiac failure, 4 years,

This is incurable disease and one has to depend upon positive pressure oxygen along with life saving drugs like, steroids and the drugs to reduce pulmonary congestion for the entire life. Nothing more can be done about these patients. No drug is known to improve the function of damaged lungs except may be lungs transplantation .
The relief to the patient was very much remarkable and no body can explain such a dramatic change in the lung functions. And it was easy for him to measure the oxygen saturation any time he needed as he carried with him the oxygen saturation instrument which he used as a clip on the tip of the fingers to see the instant results on the monitor fixed on the clip like instrument. On the very first day he had told us that he could stand for a significant length of time which he was unable to do that. On the fourth day he demonstrated and told us that his oxygen saturation had gone up to almost normal level of 90% which never rose from low level of 70% earlier . And he could walk without oxygen support for the first time. I would request the experts in the field to explore the real cause of his improvement, this should be very interesting for the medical professionals.
Any way what ever may be the mode of cure the comfort it has given to the patient is beyond description and is such a short time and is such an easy way. I am sure no body would have seen such a relief in their life time. This is the power of God manifested in Sri Guru Granth Sahib or Guru Nanak.

Dinesh Jadavji Valji Jethwa
Amboseli Lane, Lavington

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