Recurrent chest infections and URC cured

Sudhir M Ramola, Aged 3 months, A Muslim child

Diagnosis: Recurrent chest infections , crying all the time for the last three months.

This empowered and blessed child could not have understood Gurbani but destined to receive the special Grace of Guru Nanak, who is Peer to Muslims and Guru to Hindus. He had received all the possible treatment for recurring chest infections for the last 3months or from the time he was born. He had been crying all the time and no medicine could provide any respite to him. He was brought to the first camp and her mother Zaida Yusuf was very much upset at that time and Dr Balwant Singh had advised her to just sit in the camp and certainly some relief would be there. The healing had taken place, when he was taken home he did not cry and had slept peacefully for the first time since her birth. All the concerned people were surprised to observe such a rapid and sure relief. And the child was comfortable from that time onwards and was seen laughing all the time and the relief was sustained and permanent for about 6 days, there after we did not confirm from her as we had to come back to India.

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