Retroverted Pregnant Uterus

In 1994,my daughter was carrying pregnancy of 20 weeks duration and she had retroverted uterus. It became normal with prayers. She did not realize the implications of the problem. As for the normal growth of the child the uterus must get out from the pelvis and get anteverted otherwise serious problem could arise for the child. She came to me in the evening with this report and there was RNC the next morning at Bebe Nanki Gurdwara. The prayer was made and Shri Guru Granth Sahib had assured complete relief as the meaning of Shabad had very clearly assured the definite relief. I went home and told my daughter that her problem had been cured. I told her without examination of the abdomen. At the same time I examined the abdomen. It seemed that there was no problem with her and the same was confirmed by the lady doctor on the same day.[The photograph shows her husand Mr Rupinderjit Singh with the kids]

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