Severe Cervical Spondylitis

Major Balwant Singh (Retd.) A retired army officer had served in Army Medical Corps and had the advantage of obtaining immediate and better treatment available for him. He had consulted the Surgical Consultant in CH Calcutta for his severe disability of his severe pain in the neck and shoulders and his movements of left shoulder joint were restricted. The consultant had told him frankly that he would have to bear with that for life as nothing could be done for him. And it was a fact that any body viewing his X ray Cervical spine report would say same thing even now. Luckily he carried the X ray report with him and we have posted that in the medical reports. It made out that, he had severe extensive cervical spondylitis, as his four cervical vertebrae were fused with each other and the intevening spaces were obliterated.

He is the founder member of the mission at Ludhiana and with the service in the mission he had many rewards and one of the rewards was his complete and permanent recovery from this incurable disease. How can you explain his relief is beyond description? I know even modern surgery cannot help him but Grace of Guru Nanak is there to help such people.

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