suffered from Coeliac Disease in the worst form

suffered from Coeliac Disease in the worst form

Mrs. Neena Behal, suffered from Coeliac Disease in the worst form. She had this problem for five years. The last she had ingested some grains of Wheat at Mosoorie UP was December 2003 during her holidays. She had intense irritation of skin and her blood pressure fell down she was taken to the nearest medical aid. There the doctor had told her that some delay could have proven serious. She had heard about this mission and came to the healing camp at Ludhiana in September 2004 and to her great surprise she could digest Krah Parsad on 4th day and since then she is eating everything without any problem. She had announced her relief before the gathering in the healing camp .Many patients came to the camp after listening to her.

She has become the messenger of the mission and through her many patients of cancers and coeliac disease had been cured. She did not understand or read Gurmukhi earlier, now she has firm faith in Gurbani and she is a devout Sikh by heart. We have honoured her for her services to the mankind.

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