Tumor on Vocal Cords causing low, inaudible and hoarse speech-Healed

Tumor on Vocal Cords causing low, inaudible and hoarse speech-Healed

Tarlochan Singh retired as a teacher about 6 years earlier. He did not do any job requiring speaking loud over prolonged periods. He developed this problem of powerless voice, which became nearly inaudible and hoarse. In early 2006 and he kept suffering for nearly 6 months. He had consulted the ENT surgeon, who had told him that there was a growth of a small nodule on one of the vocal cords and that was causing the trouble. And ENT surgeon had told him that prolonged and excessive use of vocal cords can cause that growth. It generally happens in singers or announcers who use their voice for long times. But the surgeon wanted him to get the biopsy done from that area under anesthesia. This gentleman is a member of the Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission for a long time and he had seen many serious patients getting well without any medical or surgical help. So he decided to go against the advice and instead he started singing prayers with his hoarse voice even more forcefully than previous times. He became more regular in afternoon sessions of healing at Model Town, Ludhiana. His faith was amply rewarded and he became perfectly normal in a short time and his voice returned to his earlier level. One point, worth notice was that though he was the member of the mission, but he was not regular to the prayer meetings. During the last few months he started coming to the prayer meetings regularly. This was a growth which could be malignant also and only surgery could give him any relief after definitive treatment. Even in singers where the growth could be benign, doctors do advise rest to the vocal cords but he did just opposite and had complete relief.

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