Ulcerative Colitis Cured

Ulcerative Colitis Cured

The young married lady was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for 3 years. The doctors had very clearly told her that the disease would stay and there was no medicine to cure her. She was under the care of gastroenterologists. Medicines rendered some relief, but her condition would revert back to the same worst form after the medicines were reduced. She cried with pain and helplessness. She could hardly look after her young children. She had to go to bathroom for 15 to 20 times through out the day and even in the nights. The stools contained fecal matter, mucous and blood. Prolonged use of steroids and other drugs had made her very weak. She also developed depression. In the healing camp, she made a wonderful recovery; her frequent visits to the toilet decreased and became normal. She was advised to tail off the steroids over a few days. Gradually, rest of the medicines was stopped. She had never experienced that relief without the aid of medicines earlier. She was confident that she would make complete recovery with continued prayers. She had sustained relief even after the healing camp. She started daily healing sessions in Ludhiana.

She had her colonoscopy done in October, 2007. The report was astounding – she was cured to a very great extent. The examination was more extensive than earlier ones. The last examination involved ascending colon, the cecum and ileum along with other parts of transverse, descending, sigmoid colon and rectum. More than the report, even a lay man can visualize internal part of the normal looking colon. Where as, in the earlier reports all the parts showed enlarged blood vessels and angry, fiery, red ulcerated area. This is a miracle cure for this young girl. Doctors had advised her to go for surgery whereby, the affected parts of the colon were to be removed. Thereafter, an end to end anastomosis was to be done. Before the final stage of operation the fecal matter would be drained in a bag outside the body. The foul smell would have made her life real hell. Prospect of hundred percent cure was not assured by any doctor. This is just a miracle.

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